840 Series

840 Series

Highly customer focused, Matrix is widely known for its superb engineering solutions for motion control, automation, and bio-medical uses. The valves are superbly engineered for the most demanding OEM applications where ultra high speed, uncompromising reliability, and ultra long life are warranted.

The 300 LPM valves are used widely in sorting machines because they are so compact and the 12 mm width makes them easily stackable in a long manifold.

  • Worldwide acceptance for its versatility, speed and life.
  • Minimum useful life of 500 million.
  • Available only in 2-position 2-way configurations.
  • Response times < 1 mS with speed-up control.
  • 24 volt DC.
  • Integrated electronics for speed-up.
  • Operating frequency up to 250 HZ.
  • Compact with high flow rate of 300 LPM.
  • One or two controls.
  • Can be body ported or manifold mounted.
  • Insensitive to vibration.
  • Repeatable operation throughout useful life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Ideally suited for ultra-high speed sorting machines.

MATRIX 840 Series Valves
Working fluid [0 to 50 deg. C]Non-lubricated dry air/inert gases
Filtration requirements40 microns minimum
Operating pressure0 to 8 bar
Vacuum operationNo
Operating temperature- 10 to + 50 deg. C
Opening time< 1 mS
Closing time< 1 mS
Maximum frequency500 HZ
Life expectancy500,000,000 cycles minimum
FunctionNormally closed
TypeTwo position 2 way
Flow300 LPM
Voltage24 VDC [integrated speed up driver]
Power consumption1.2 to 3.2 watts
IP ratingIP62, IP65
Electric controls1, 2
ConnectionM8 connection
Nominal size75 x 47 x 12
MiscellaneousCan be manifolded
ApplicationSuited for ultra high speed sorting applications

Valves can be modified to suit applications - dependent on quantity

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