This highly precise, closed loop electronic pressure regulator, converts a digital or analog signal [current, voltage, built-in, keypad or RS 232] into a proportional pneumatic output. This pneumatic output is very accurately maintained at a preset pressure. There may be a variation of 1% of downstream set pressure. One of the key attributes of this controller is that no special tools are needed to make field adjustments.

The built-in 8-bit microcontroller interfaces easily with other control/monitoring system, thus eliminating expensive systems that were required for this kind of control in the past. As with all Matrix products, the EPR’s are guaranteed a minimum life of 500 million cycles. The microcontroller converts the electrical signal to a proportional pressure output using PWM [pulse width modulation]. An integrated pressure sensor helps monitor and maintain the required set pressure by sending constant feedback when there is a change in desired pressure.

  • Digital signal serial RS-232 B14 input] through ultra- high speed valves, built-in key pad.B18
  • Field adjustable, no tools required.
  • Available with or without integrated key pad.
  • Inexpensive solution to accurate pressure control problems.
  • Available with or without metal shroud.
  • Unaffected by vibrations.
  • No air consumption in steady state.
  • Meets IP 65 requirements.
  • Easy to read digital display.

EPR Series
FluidNon-lubricated dry air
Compact120 x 70 x 40
Filtration25 microns
Supply voltage24 volts DC
Analog signal 0 - 5 v, 0 - 10 v or 4 - 20 mA
Linearity< 0.5 per cent
Hysteresis< 0.5 per cent
Power2 Watts max
Response time< 5 mS

Valves can be modified to suit applications - dependent on quantity

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