820 ISD Series

820 ISD Series

Highly customer focused, Matrix is widely known for its superb engineering solutions for motion control, automation, and bio-medical uses. The valves are superbly engineered for the most demanding OEM applications where ultra high speed, uncompromising reliability, and ultra long life are warranted.

Expressly developed for high-density sorting of recyclables, the compact 820 ISD series offers superb response time characteristics, reliability and life expectancy. The standard valves last for a minimum of 500,000,000 million cycles. The performance of the valves does not deteriorate over time and use. That translates to higher up-times for the machines and greater utilization factor. Matrix provides plug-and-play manifolds for sorting machines thus reducing manufacturing cycle time at the OEM. The manufacturing, assembly and testing of these manifolds provide turnkey solutions that are tailor-made for each customer. Customization is a forte.

  • 24-volt DC, integrated, miniaturized speed-up driver makes installation and wiring a breeze.
  • Low power consumption adds to the versatility of the valves.
  • IP 62, M8 connectors provide quick and easy electrical connections.
  • The valves are typically manifold mounted.
  • With flow rates that of 100 to 180 LPM at 6 bar, these versatile valves are used by sorting machine manufacturers worldwide because of their perfect suitability for sorting a variety of products – from plastic chips to e-waste to diced vegetables.

MATRIX 820 ISD Series Valves
Working fluid [0 to 50 deg. C]Non-lubricated dry air/inert gases
Filtration requirements40 microns minimum
Operating pressure2 to 8 bar
Vacuum operationNo
Operating temperature- 10 to + 50 deg. C
Opening time< 2 mS
Closing time< 2 mS
Maximum frequency300 HZ
Life expectancy500,000,000 cycles minimum
FunctionNormally closed
TypeTwo position 2 way
Flow100 to 180 LPM @ 6 bar
Voltage24 VDC [integrated speed up driver]
IP ratingIP 62
Electric controlsOne
ConnectionM8, 3-pole
Nominal size60 x 37 x 12
MiscellaneousManifold mounting
ApplicationSuited for ultra high speed sorting applications

Valves can be modified to suit applications - dependent on quantity

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